Canon law

Canon law is the body of laws and regulations made by ecclesiastical authority (Church leadership), for the government of a Christian organization or church and its members. It is the internal ecclesiastical law governing the Catholic Church (both Latin Church and Eastern Catholic Churches), the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches, and the individual national churches within the Anglican Communion. The way that such church law is legislated, interpreted and at times adjudicated varies widely among these three bodies of churches. In all three traditions, a canon was originally a rule adopted by a church council; these canons formed the foundation of canon law.


Greek kanon / Ancient Greek: κανών,Arabic Qanun / قانون, Hebrew kaneh / קנה, "straight"; a rule, code, standard, or measure; the root meaning in all these languages is "reed" (cf. the Romance-language ancestors of the English word "cane").

Canons of the Apostles

The Apostolic Canons or Ecclesiastical Canons of the Same Holy Apostles is a collection of ancient ecclesiastical decrees (eighty-five in the Eastern, fifty in the Western Church) concerning the government and discipline of the Early Christian Church, incorporated with the Apostolic Constitutions which are part of the Ante-Nicene Fathers In the fourth century the First Council of Nicaea (325) calls canons the disciplinary measures of the Church: the term canon, κανὠν, means in Greek, a rule. There is a very early distinction between the rules enacted by the Church and the legislative measures taken by the State called leges, Latin for laws.

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Federal Minister for Law and Justice Dr Farogh Nasim has said that there was no surveillance on judges in past, not in present and it will not happen in future ... “We will make utmost efforts to maintain rule of law in the country. We will keep working for the ......

Legal marijuana use still costs people jobs. A new California bill takes on the issue

Lincoln Journal Star 23 Feb 2020
People can still be drug tested and disciplined based on a positive result even if they are using in compliance with state law, not at work, and not impaired at work.” ... “A positive test for cannabis indicates recent usage and as a public law enforcement agency we maintain a drug-free work environment.” ... The current law is untenable, she said....

Funded by Kochs, new UNL center set to explore future implications of technology

News-Press Now 23 Feb 2020
He pitched ideas for cybersecurity work in line with what he has previously done at UNL as co-director of the Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law program, envisioning the creation of a conference series that could bring scholars, engineers and lawyers together to discuss how cybersecurity policy should be taught, but said the foundation passed....

Recovery housing of opioid crisis nears NJ certification it needs

Atlantic City 23 Feb 2020
The state in 2018 developed a license for Cooperative Sober Living Residences within its boarding house law ... Then it stalled while work continued on its details ... The state should get it passed, signed into law and working as soon as possible....

Dimetrious Woods case draws attention to parole issue

Columbia Missourian 23 Feb 2020
Working on his case in the law library at Jefferson City Correctional Center, Woods spotted the legal opening when the changes to the law went into effect in 2017 and wrote his own motion ... Woods and another inmate, Gary Mitchell, whose situation is very similar, are working to circumvent the Supreme Court’s decision ... Working to keep Woods free....

Challenge to Judge Monique Langhorne sets a dangerous precedent

Napa Valley Register 23 Feb 2020
The challenge to Judge Langhorne is not based on any deficiency in the quality of her work or her character ... She is a graduate of Berkeley Law, one of nation's top law schools. Her temperament, work ethic, judicial acumen and ... The Napa Superior Court has ample civil law experience....

Retain Judge Monique Langhorne

Napa Valley Register 23 Feb 2020
I have practiced law in Napa County, beginning in 1996, and then permanently in 1998 when I was hired by the District Attorney’s office ... Monique was still in law school then, attending Boalt Hall in Berkeley, and was working in the Family Support Division as a child support officer....

Harris, Lange vie for Bell County Sheriff GOP nomination

TDT News 23 Feb 2020
“Those numbers don’t work in the long scheme of things ... county roads and communicating with other law enforcement agencies ... Harris, who has worked in law enforcement for more than two decades, criticized the Sheriff’s Department’s sex trafficking stings ... “This thing works together....

Sindh govt asked to introduce alternative dispute resolution for petty issues

Dawn 23 Feb 2020
IGP has sent a summary to the home department for bringing an amendment to existing police law ... It said the police stations were dealing with three categories of work including public facilitation services, civil/minor disputes of citizens and police crimes prevention, maintenance of law and order and investigation of heinous crimes....

Torres Small opposes AOC fracking ban bill

Albuquerque Journal 23 Feb 2020
It also would provide a transition for working families in the fracking industry ... Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies to work with local law enforcement and nongovernmental organizations....

Former DSU officer receives 15 months in bribery case

The Beacon 23 Feb 2020
“The citizens of Delaware depend on public officials to perform their work honestly and to put the public interest first,” said Weiss ... “I am proud of the contribution of OIG Special Agents and our law enforcement partners for their work in the case and commitment to protecting Federal education funds from such abuse.”....

Undocumented in Eveleth, Minnesota

Mesabi Daily News 23 Feb 2020
Spread across the conference table at the law office was an ultrasound picture of Rucker, Booth’s birth certificate, every bill received from the hospital leading up to and following the birth, school pictures of Rucker and report cards ... “We have to try to make a law through the lower courts to make a law for the states to work together.”....

Undoing of PTI legal eagles

Dawn 23 Feb 2020
The law minister worked tirelessly to ensure the army chief got the extension he wanted, when the Supreme Court took up a petition questioning the constitutional and legal validity of the president’s decision which was made on the, presumably, binding advice of the prime minister....